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Founded in 1958, Colormaker Industries has over 50 years of manufacturing experience and is recognised both domestically and internationally as a premium producer of quality surface coatings by trade professionals, fine artists and DIY home users alike.

Colormaker manufactures a range of products from house and architectural use, the printing, sign writing and art materials industries, building and trade construction and also produces LUXAPOOL Pool Paint, Australia’s leading brand of pool coatings for swimming pool and aquatic surfaces and PERMASET, the revolutionary, 100% solvent-free textile screen printing inks.

All products are manufactured in Colormaker’s production facility in Brookvale, NSW under strict quality control procedures. Colormaker is 100% Australian privately owned and is wholeheartedly committed to supporting a strong base in Australian manufacturing, R&D and innovation.

environmental impact

Colormaker Industries is committed to supporting the environment and to the continual improvement of its environmental performance, recognising its obligations both locally and globally, to the present and future generations.

Colormaker employs a number of measures to reduce the environmental impact of the surface coatings it produces, including an increasing focus on the development of products that are solvent free and water based and a significant commitment to invest in the research and development of eliminating harmful chemicals from their products.

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